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What’s Up With That Inflationary Altitude?

We’re officially 16 months into the pandemic. You’re vaccinated and planning your next trip, itching to get out the house. Hawaii, Las Vegas, or Disney World? Bulls will say choose your adventure. Bears will say pick your poison.  Regardless, nobody can deny that the United States has largely re-opened with certain sectors, such as airlines […]

March Market Madness

During this time last year, the NCAA canceled March Madness. With college basketball off the table, we were given a different type of madness: Market Madness. The S&P 500 drew down a total of 34% from peak to trough as COVID-19 wreaked havoc across global markets. This week marked the one year anniversary of that drawdown’s market bottom.

Gold Rush of 2020

In 1848, thousands of people grabbed their shovels and crossed land and sea to Sutter’s Mill with hopes of striking gold. Almost 150 years later in 2020, a similar parallel is happening not in San Francisco, but rather in the investable market for this hot commodity. Year-to-date (YTD), gold has experienced more inflows than other […]