Get to Know our Founding Partner, Cary Facer!

Ever wonder where the “Warren” in “Warren Street” came from? It’s actually the middle name of Founding Partner Cary Facer (“Street” is the last name of Blake, our other founding partner). 

Cary has long been a face of the firm, but there’s much more to him than his “Founding Partner and Wealth Advisor” title alone. Get to know Cary as we discuss everything from motivations to challenges in the interview below! And be sure to check out our other team member introductions.

Why did you decide to start Warren Street?

I started Warren Street Wealth Advisors out of frustration. After three years at a large financial firm, I realized how heavily these firms push their own products on clients, creating a major conflict of interest. I went independent so I could have the creative control needed to find financial solutions that truly helped my clients.

How does Warren Street align with your personal values? 

Open, honest, transparent. Nothing to hide. I’ve always lived my life that way, and I strive to foster that environment every day at Warren Street. Clients should be able to share openly and honestly what’s on their hearts and minds, so we can all build a culture of trust in the work we do together.

What makes Warren Street unique?

Being independent not only allows us to do what we truly believe is in clients’ best interest, but it also allows creative flexibility. We do much more than investing and financial planning for our clients. We host March Market Madness, we send our clients a pound of See’s chocolates every holiday, and we just introduced Warren the Whale, our mascot! Whales are a symbol of transformation, reminding clients they have the power to transform their lives in extraordinary ways. Plus, he makes for a good stress ball to squeeze in difficult moments. 

What do you love most about working at Warren Street?

I love seeing our team thrive. There’s not a better feeling than hearing that a team member’s success at work has impacted their personal life for the better.

What is your biggest accomplishment thus far?

I’d have to say starting Warren Street with Blake and finding success in a quick six years. It hasn’t all been roses, but it’s been real. Having a successful business partner is no different than having a successful marriage. It takes commitment, honesty, and a willingness to say difficult things. If you look at how successful our team is, it’s a sign as to the passion and trust we place in each other, and in them.

Who or what motivates you? 

My two kids. I have two boys, ages 9 and 8, and all I try to do is be a good role model for them and their peers. I coach just about anything I can for two reasons: (1) to spend quality time with them and (2) to help and mentor other kids who are struggling in life or need a healthy outlet. 

I also love motorsports and have gotten back into racing competitively. Everyone thinks they’re a good driver until they race. When I started… I was a terrible driver and made all kinds of mistakes. The weird part was, I enjoyed being terrible at it. It’s so humbling. At 40, I could easily stick to things I’m great at, but I enjoy grinding my way up through extremely difficult challenges. It’s one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done and I’m always motivated to be better. 

What are three fun facts about you?

  1. I started racing BMX when I was five years old. 
  2. Having been born into a vegetarian family, I didn’t eat meat for 39 years. I recently started eating meat and let me say, I’m busy making up for it. 
  3. I recently realized I can still run a five-minute mile (shoutout to my coaches at Hit the Mark Fitness)!

For more than 15 years, Cary has helped many retirees maximize their retirement. He has hosted over 130 retirement planning workshops to help more individuals secure a financial future for themselves. 

If you’re interested in meeting Cary in person, register here for an in-person event (including dinner!) or schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your financial goals. We look forward to hearing from you!

Veronica Torres

Director of Operations, Warren Street Wealth Advisors

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