Welcome Jennifer Battles, “JB”!

Warren Street is growing! Meet our newest Client Service Associate, Jennifer Battles, who goes by “JB.” Located in Georgia, JB is thrilled to get to know our clients and help support their financial needs. 

Please enjoy this interview to give you a deeper understanding of who JB is and how she helps support you!

In your role as Client Service Associate, how do you assist Warren Street’s clients?

I take care of all their service needs, from the time they’re opening a new account, to cashiering, to trade requests. I handle any questions they have about their accounts or if they need to change anything. 

What impact do you hope to make at Warren Street?

This is hard — how do I put this in words? I always ask my kids what they want to bring to people, and I think what I would say is that I hope to bring peace and joy and hopefulness. I always want to be a help, whatever that looks like. 

How does Warren Street align with your personal values? 

I’ve always been passionate about people, which I know is also a core value of Warren Street’s. I’m a helper (Enneagram 2!) and already get the sense the Warren Street team is the same way.

Who or what motivates you? 

My 99-year-old grandmother. She had 11 kids, and she’s never faltered in anything she’s believed in. She’s originally from England and came over with my mom on the Queen Mary, just the neatest person. You could ask her anything, and she’ll tell you like she remembers it from yesterday. She’s very witty and even taught creative movement to preschoolers until age 93.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I love to be outside with my daughters: Emily, who is married and 25, and Caroline, 19. We paddleboard, hike, you name it. Sometimes we bring along our golden doodle, Dudley, on walks, but a walk with him is really more of a run! I also love food — I don’t know how people can’t love good food.

What are three fun facts about you?

1) I call bingo at the assisted living place around the corner from my home. It’s a lot of fun!

2) I had a food truck — called Char-CUTE-erie — during Covid. The truck’s name was Rosemary; we basically converted a two-horse trailer into a food truck. 

3) I’m passionate about helping people feel noticed and important. For example, I’m close with my local Starbucks community and joke that I’ve adopted some of the employees. We’ll have Thanksgiving with them or celebrate with them when they move on to other jobs. My hope is that they feel noticed when they are with us!

We’re thrilled to have JB on the team and hope you’ll join us in extending her a warm welcome.

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