SimpleWhen a 401(k) plan is put in place, it is supposed to be a benefit to both the owner and the employees. However, sometimes poor plan design or information about the plan can deter employees from contributing which can prevent ownership from contributing to the plan.

    • High admin fees?
    • Rejected contributions?
    • Poor participation?
    • Unable to contribute due to participation?

Don’t let poor plan design be the only reason you aren’t utilizing your 401(k) plan.

It can be fixed.

Warren Street Wealth Advisors focuses on helping companies get their plans working for them. Other investment companies can have a single solution to fit all, but each company needs a custom plan design to ensure that its employees and ownership get the full benefit of the plan.

Being independent allows us to get you the plan solution specific to your company. We are not handcuffed by larger companies and required to sell specific products.

If you currently have a 401(k) plan in place or want to install a 401(k) plan, Contact Us to get a free 401(k) analysis or consultation.