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You Retire, But Your Spouse Still Works

That development may mean lifestyle as well as financial adjustments. Provided by Joe Occhipinti  Your significant other may retire later than you do. Sometimes that reality reflects an age difference, other times one person wants to keep working for income or health coverage reasons. If you retire years before your spouse or partner does, you […]

National Lineman Appreciation Day

We at Warren Street Wealth Advisors want to personally thank all of the lineman out there in the world. These brave people are on call 24/7, 365 to make sure that we still can still have power in all of our house, along with all the other luxuries we enjoy in our home. From all […]

Reduce your Tax Bill: ESPORTS & Streamer Edition

Co-Authored by: Blake Street CFP® & Joe Occhipinti   The world of eSports has turned a hobby into a full time profession for many people around the world. Streamers, professional players, and YouTube stars have been able to take their specific talents and turn their passion into a career. However, with this newly found cash […]

Explaining the Basis of Inherited Real Estate

What is cost basis? Stepped-up basis? How does the home sale tax exclusion work? Provided by Joe Occhipinti   At some point in our lives, we may inherit a home or another form of real property. In such instances, we need to understand some of the jargon involving inherited real estate. What does “cost basis” […]

Could Social Security Really Go Away?

Just how gloomy does its future look? Provided by Joe Occhipinti   Will Social Security run out of money in the 2030s? For years, Americans have been warned about that possibility. Those warnings, however, assume that no action will be taken to address Social Security’s financial challenges.   Social Security is being strained by a […]

Why Aren’t You Maxing Out Your 401(k)?

It may be the best retirement planning tool you have.  Provided by Joe Occhipinti   Do you have a million dollars? At the moment, probably not. But if you invest and save diligently and let your assets compound, who knows? You may be a millionaire someday. In fact, you may need to be a millionaire someday. If […]