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Complimentary Notary Services for Clients

Veronica Torres – Client Service Associate and Notary Public   At Warren Street Wealth Advisors, we place a heavy emphasis on continuing education and increasing service offerings for our clients. Today, we would like to congratulate Veronica Torres on becoming a Notary Public of the state of California, and with the event of her passing, […]

Handling ESOP Shares & Taxes

Joe Occhipinti Wealth Advisor Warren Street Wealth Advisors   Sometimes an employer’s benefits program can include an employee stock ownership plan, commonly referred to as an ESOP plan. An ESOP plan is an employee benefit that allows its company’s participants to purchase the common stock of their company. Those who participate often receive tax benefits […]

Tax Write Offs. Tax Write Offs Everywhere…

It’s no secret that streamers don’t like paying taxes, we don’t either. Don’t let taxes drag down your profits as a streamer or content creator. Using bookkeeping software should be one of the first things you do to take control of your stream as a business and attempt to reduce your tax liability. Bookkeeping will […]