Len started in the financial services industry in 1991. Prior to this, Len spent 10 years working for a large oil refinery in Los Angeles and that’s where his interest was sparked in the stock market.

While working at the refinery, Len began to manage his own 401k and started following the stock markets closely. Eventually, his co-workers learned of this and started coming to him for financial advice. Len became an advisor from 1991 to 2002 while also working at the refinery until he was forced with a tough decision from his broker/dealer. He had to quit working at the refinery or give up his practice. With two young kids he made a tough choice but continued working full time for the refinery.

From that point until now, Len never stopped following the markets and learning. He continued to offer education and guidance for many of his co-workers assisting them with their 401k’s, pensions, and financial plans.

Len was then faced with another challenge. His co-workers and friends of 30 years were starting to retire, however, they did not want anyone else managing their money. Len did some research and in 2011 become a financial advisor once again. He joined Warren Street and is now available to assist his clients in retirement.

Len enjoys the outdoors, hiking, working out, and spending time with his children Chelsey and Bryce, along with his wife Danya.